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With a hands-on approach and the ability to be present on each property, Cornerstone Hospitality takes and assertive role in ensuring each hotel team has the tools needed to create and maintain a highly efficient operation. Whether a mid-scale branded hotel or a luxury independent boutique hotel, our core approach to operations is the same – create an experience that the competition can’t compete with!

We strive to give great service to each and every customer who interacts with each property and team. Operating our business with the customer in mind, we provide a STELLAR experience from the moment our customers visit our website or call the front desk.

Our focused approach on operations ensures our property leaders understand and achieve their budget, have daily access to their financials for accountability, have an aggressive sales and marketing program and that team members are trained for performance and appreciated into loyalty. This approach has ensured profitable operations that ultimately provide ownership groups more on their bottom lines, a more valuable asset and a more seasoned staff than they did prior to our management services – all worry free!

Historic Redevelopment and Creating Boutique Hotels

Historic Redevelopment and Creating Boutique Hotels

We enjoy taking history and re-energizing it into a catalyst for economic growth in downtown areas…and we’ve been very successful at it! We work as both a development owner, partner or third-party development partner and operator in creating something new out of something old in small to mid-size markets in the Mid-Atlantic.

We have developed hotels in markets where it’s most risky but the reward for the community is the greatest. We purposely take on projects that will impact a community in the most positive away, revitalize a downtown that is in severe neglect and created new demand drivers for the region. Our goal is not only to have a successful and profitable hotel and restaurant, but also to be a part of saving a community.

We utilize and find funding for these projects wherever we can – grants, tax credits, low-interest loans, public/private partnerships and so on. Whatever it takes to get the job done! We conduct our own type of feasibility study on the market and evaluate not only the area, but the building, the location, the town or city and their leaders. All of it! Without a group of committed local leaders and citizens, we’re not really interested. We’re not just interested in building buildings, we’re interested becoming a part of the fabric of a community that is driven to revive! If you have a building in a community and a spirit to thrive like this, give us a call!

Brand Development

Brand Development

As an approved operator of branded hotels, we are able to provide services from start to finish. Whether a ground up construction project of a full, select or limited-service property or the assumption of an existing asset, we can assist owners by providing support and guidance on the front end to ensure a successful property. We also assist owners and developers with brand selection, repositioning of an asset, PIP implementation and brand refresh. Post-opening or assumption, because of our understanding of the brands as well as our due diligence on the market, we are able to position the property for optimum financial performance.

Food and Beverage

Food ResizeandCrop

With multiple food and beverage outlets within operated hotels – restaurants, rooftop bars, coffee shops, banquet facilities – Cornerstone Hospitality understands that profitable food and beverage operations are key to the overall success of a hotel property. As a majority of these outlets are located within our boutique hotel portfolio, we also understand that a ‘cookie cutter’ or franchised restaurant concept is not what drives that business or those profits.

We utilize both internal and external resources to ensure that the concepts created are the right fit for both the hotel and the market.  Our core ‘foodie’ team is in charge of ongoing daily oversight and our culinary partners work with us to create concepts and assist or work with us to operate larger banquet food and beverage spaces.

cb5 Hospitality

cb5 Hospitality is our food and beverage partner and is a seasoned boutique restaurant concept firm, responsible for over 175 developments around the globe specifically targeting the lifestyle hotel casino segment.

Every restaurant and bar is given a unique well-defined personality that dictates the execution style of each facet. By utilizing layers of subtlety instead of thematic treatment, we are able to create a sustainable burn rate that can be calibrated to the specific market needs.

cb5 is comprised of a dozen talented industry experts all working together to custom design and build restaurant and bar models that are cohesive, compelling and profitable. cb5 is an industry leader and maintains significant market share within the hotel restaurant development business.

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Culinaire is a full-service food and beverage operation that work with Cornerstone Hospitality to develop restaurant concepts and/or operate large scale catering and restaurant facilities.

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Sales & Marketing




Everyone knows that sales is the life of the property – the proverbial honey pot. Cornerstone Hospitality capitalizes on every avenue possible to capture the most business for the properties. Utilizing a centralized sales and marketing platform enables us to sell across all properties and provides immediate access to each sales team member to assist all properties with bookings. Cornerstone Hospitality maintains relationships with various sales programs, media companies and marketing program providing us with a multi-property leverage that provides a scale of economy for each property based on size and volume. The corporate sales team works with the onsite sales team to ensure maximum performance.



Developing a brand takes time, effort, creativity and hutzpa!

In order for any brand to survive, it must be understood and it must speak to its demographic. As developers of very unique and individualized boutique hotel properties, we take branding very seriously. We take our time and do our research to ensure we have a brand that is marketable and memorable.

Each of our hotel properties is uniquely different….and so is the branding that goes with it!

Marketing & Public Relations

From the first interaction a guest has with the property, impressions are being made. We ensure that the team, website, collateral, ecommerce, advertising and overall concept represent the brand.

Whether a boutique hotel, independent property or branded property – the brand must be communicated consistently across all forms of media.

We put together an annual Advertising and Marketing campaign for each property. This includes all forms of media. This comprehensive plan is followed as we develop property branding and programming for the year. Due to the number of properties we represent, we are able to secure co-ops and regional and national advertising at discounted rates. And, our very creative graphic artist creates dynamic concepts that can be used across all mediums.

We handle a great deal of our public relations inhouse, but we also work with great public relation firms which specialize in boutique hotels. This is especially helpful as we introduce a new brand to the market and need to extend our reach to as many influencers as possible.

Social Media: Our inhouse marketing gurus are constantly monitoring and posting on the various social media platforms and providing meaningful marketing to influence consumers. We have also developed relationships with bloggers and travel related influencers to extend our reach.

Revenue Optimization

Cornerstone Hospitality utilizes the iDeas revenue management system for the independent properties and works within the brands for their franchised properties. Corporate sales team attends weekly calls with the property leaders and takes part in the decision-making rate and revenue process for each property.



Total transparency is a part of Cornerstone Hospitality’s philosophy. Providing owners and property leaders real-time data regarding the financial operations of their property is critical. Cornerstone Hospitality utilizes M3 Accounting software allowing owners to have access to the financials at any time.

Cornerstone Hospitality utilizing Cohn Reznick’s hospitality division to handle their hotel accounting processes.