Get to know Cornerstone Hospitality!


Cornerstone was born in April 2012 by founders Kimberly Christner and Craig Larson under the premise of creating a different kind of management company. Cornerstone Hospitality is based the principal that we all work for the teams that operate our hotels and if we take care of them, they will take care of our guests and the result will be strong operations and financial performance. This principled style of management yields loyal teams, reduced turnover, satisfied guests, strong market performance, healthy profits and gratified owners. Using this approach as well as the development of core values throughout the leadership team at the property level, translates into high performing guest satisfaction scores and online reviews, consistent financial performance and top rankings within the brands and on social media platforms like TripAdvisor. 

As an approved operator of branded hotels, full-service, select-service or limited- service, we ensure that all of our branded hotels lead the market in performance as compared to their competition. Every property we operate occupies one of the top positions on the STR report for their market and is a profitable asset for their owner. Our objective is to ensure that the hotel asset is maintained and operated at the highest standards to yield a high return to the owner.

Our approach in creating unique boutique hotel and restaurant properties which deliver experiential services is second to none.  Each boutique hotel property is uniquely different from any other hotel in the portfolio.  Services and concepts are created specifically for each property based on the history of the property, the history of the area and the guests that will be served.  This uniqueness has garnered Cornerstone Hospitality notoriety as a highly creative company developing financially successful properties in all markets they serve.

Each property added to the portfolio is scrutinized.  Not every project, every developer or every owner is a match for the philosophies and principals that Cornerstone Hospitality deploys, and that’s okay.  Working with those who have the same values as the leadership team is much more important than adding numbers to the portfolio.  This scrutiny also provides owners and developers with the comfort of knowing that their property will only be affiliated with other properties which will are held to the same values and principals.

Cornerstone Hospitality functions as a developer, development partners on owned projects, provides third-party management and conducts market research for boutique hotel opportunities.