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WILLIAMSBURG, VA, JULY 19, 2023 - Cornerstone Hospitality LLC is proud to announce that its owner as well as President & CEO, Kimberly Christner, has been selected as one of the most influential women and powerful business leaders in Virginia by Virginia Business Magazine.

This prestigious recognition highlights Christner's outstanding contributions to the hospitality industry and her consistent leadership within Cornerstone Hospitality. With a focus on managing branded hotels and developing unique boutique and independent properties in historic buildings, Cornerstone Hospitality has gained a reputation for its commitment to showcasing the history and culture of each location through its exquisite design, adept storytelling, and sense of place. Under the leadership of Christner and her business partner, Craig Larson, Cornerstone Hospitality was founded in 2012, and since then, it has achieved remarkable growth and success.

Presently, Cornerstone Hospitality owns and manages 15 hotels, along with nine food and beverage outlets, banquet, and entertainment venues. The company's expertise also extends to conducting market research for individuals and town leaders interested in exploring boutique hotel opportunities.

Notably, just a year after its inception, Cornerstone Hospitality formed a strategic partnership called Creative Boutique Hotels LLC in collaboration with Virginia-based MB Contractors and well-known architect Hal Craddock, developer of the Craddock Terry Hotel in Lynchburg, Virginia. This partnership aimed to develop boutique hotels in historic buildings within small markets in Virginia, resulting in the creation of notable establishments such as the Western Front Hotel in Saint Paul, and the Sessions Hotel in Bristol.

Before her role at Cornerstone Hospitality, Christner amassed extensive experience during her nearly two-decade tenure with Williamsburg-based Beck Co., including five years as CEO. Her exceptional leadership skills, combined with her educational background, including a bachelor's degree in business administration from Saint Leo University in Florida and certifications from the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell, have contributed to her success as a prominent figure in the hospitality industry.

Mentorship is also a top priority for Christner, who conducts one-on-one coaching with her hotel management teams. “I’m a promoter of women in business,” said Christner. “I like to see women rise through the ranks.” “For many years, I might be the only female at the table in a leadership position, but that has changed, thankfully.”
"We are delighted to see Kimberly receive this well-deserved recognition as one of the most influential women business leaders in Virginia's hospitality sector," said Craig Larson, partner and chief operating officer at Cornerstone Hospitality. "Her vision, expertise, and unwavering dedication have been instrumental in the growth and success of Cornerstone Hospitality.This accolade reflects her outstanding contributions to the industry and serves as a testament to our company's commitment to delivering exceptional hospitality experiences while staying true to our values."

As Cornerstone Hospitality continues to innovate and excel in the hospitality industry, the recognition of Christner's leadership underscores the company's position as a significant player in Virginia's thriving hospitality sector.

About Cornerstone Hospitality LLC: Cornerstone Hospitality LLC is a leading hospitality management and development company known for its management of branded hotels and the development of distinctive boutique hotels. With a strong focus on showcasing the history and culture of each location, Cornerstone Hospitality creates unique and memorable experiences for guests. The company's portfolio includes 15 hotels, nine food, beverage outlets, and banquet venues. In addition, Cornerstone Hospitality offers market research services for individuals and town leaders interested in boutique hotel opportunities. For more information, visit