Leadership Selection and Development

Sue Green

President, Sue Green Consulting; Senior Consultant, TAI Incorporated

sue-greenWhen we look at selecting leaders for our properties we turn to Sue Green. Once we have narrowed down our search, before we make our final selection, we bring Sue in to do her best work. Potential new leaders at our properties go through a battery of testing, interviews and background checks. We want to make sure that the leader we bring in to operate our properties and serve our teams is the best fit. And we want to know exactly what their strengths and opportunity areas are so that we can best serve them, the team and the property they are charged to operate.

Sue has almost thirty years experience in organizations ranging from international conglomerates to major associations to nationally recognized non-profits. In each case her vision and leadership drove unprecedented growth, strategic repositioning, innovative human resource management and earned nationally recognized excellence awards. Her work in employee motivation – the moving of individuals and organizations from understanding their core beliefs to achievement of major goals – helps corporations both large and small to achieve outstanding results.

For the past seven years, Sue has served as Senior Consultant at TAI Incorporated, an international leadership consulting firm specializing in values-based leadership. She is also President of Sue Green Consulting. In those roles, she has coached leaders at the highest levels of major international organizations to improve their personal leadership effectiveness and the effectiveness (and cohesiveness) of their leadership teams. Her areas of emphasis also include executive on-boarding, culture change management and high-potential employee development.

Prior to joining TAI Incorporated Sue was Executive Vice President of the Colonial Williamsburg Company, a corporate officer of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and on the board of several hotel associations including Preferred Hotels and Resorts International. For over 10 years, Sue was Group Vice President for Hospitality and Real Estate and a member of the corporate operating committee for Kohler Company, the world's largest plumbing manufacturer. In these and other positions she dealt directly with corporate boards of directors and stockholders, developed major new business segments, and led successful turnaround situations